About Siscon

Siscon is a cutting-edge, fast-paced company driven by talented professionals with vast experience in the ceramic industry. It is universally known as an excellent ceramic/porcelain tile manufacturer and represents the best of modern ceramic products in the interior decoration and design sector. Established in 2011, Siscon is located in the MORBI-“the tile hub of India”, and has expanded over the decades to become the leading “one-stop-point” for state-of-the-art, high-end ceramic tiles. Since the beginning, Siscon has been working diligently in line with the latest technologies and innovations of the ceramic sector, which has made it a global benchmark. In addition, Siscon’s unwavering commitment to research, ability to sight new trends and advancements in lifestyles, architecture, design, as well as the utmost concern for the environment and sustainability have propelled it to the top. Today, Siscon is a popular brand with a strong international reputation among designers, architects, and contractors, as well as distributors and end-users.


To rigorously research new trends and technologies in order to increase our technical and quality standards. To persist in our ongoing commitment to providing utmost satisfaction to our customers with high-quality services and products.


To create luxury ceramic tiles that are modern in style & technology while conforming to international standards.

How We
Start Journey

We strive to be a renowned name in the world of We strive to be a renowned name in the world of ceramics, and gain worldwide recognition in production of tiles that adhere to best technology and quality. We aim to produce tiles that hold unique, exclusive designs and excel in customer service.